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Jamaican restaurants * Metro DC

June 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Taken from my blog entry on typepad:

Okay, so I’ve always been a huge fan of Sweet Mangoes in the Howard area of Washington, DC. They have awesome patties, jerk chicken, curry goat and the gamut of other Jamaican dishes. However, my friend discovered another jerk place in Lanham, MD called Just Jerk, which serves the moistest sweet rice (with red beans), tender jerk chicken, among many other things. Several of us have done a taste test and we all picked Just Jerk as our favorite. If you’ve tried both, let me know which one you preferred.


Georgetown Cupcakes * Georgetown

June 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Taken from my blog entry on typepad:

Mmmm, the smell right outside Georgetown Cupcake (, 1209 Potomac St NW) tempts anyone passing by to stop in and have a look. Cupcakes galore are on display but are not usually for purchase. They’re just for the customer’s delight and thrown out daily; new cupcakes are made fresh daily. The ones for purchase are usually out back.

The cupcake flavors for the day are listed on a board making it easier to order the one you want. It’s definitely a tough decision having to choose from so many flavors especially with them prettily on display not too far away which was why I ended up buying a half dozen cupcakes (lemon blossom, 2 vanillas, chocolate^3, chocolate ganache, and lava fudge) some of which I happily shared. The cute pink boxes that the cupcakes come in only enhances my attraction to Georgetown Cupcake. It’s such cute packaging that you almost don’t want to put it in a paper handle bag to carry out (and in fact, several people don’t get bags).

Now for the best part, the tasting! The buttercream flavors on several of the cupcakes are to-die-for and extremely decadent. Some of the cupcakes are moist (such as the chocolate) and others (the vanilla and lemon blossom) are so-so. However, you really can’t go wrong with any cupcake you go with because of the buttercream or topping is oh-so-delicious. I highly recommend this shop for cakelovers or cupcakelovers out there. Try it out.

Filomena’s Restaurant * Georgetown

June 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Taken from my blog entry on typepad:

Filomena’s Restaurant is an italian restaurant in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC with an old world, grotto type feel to it. For lunch the other day, I ordered the penne salsicce and it was reminiscient of home-made, classic italian cooking from the countryside of Italy (which I was fortunate enough to have visited years ago). The ravioli with shrimp and scallops is a dinner favorite of two of my closest colleagues and they swear by it although I’ve yet to try it.