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DC Improv and Julia’s Empanadas

For a night of laughs, a couple of us went to see Robert Schimmel at the DC Improv Club. The dinner show was scheduled for 8:30p. We ordered bar foods such as chicken strips, nachos, quesadillas, cocktails, beers and a cranberry juice (this last one was my drink). The food was nothing to write home about but the show was pretty funny. Schimmel joked alot about his personal life, focusing alot on his sex life. At one point towards the end of the show, his act got serious; this happened when he talked about his battle with cancer.

After the show, we walked over to Julia’s Empanada where they make and sell jumbo meat and fruit empanadas. My husband knows of the infamous Julia’s from his clubbing days and has hit this place many times after the club to grab some empanadas as a late night snack. This night, I ordered the chilean (ground beef, olives, bell pepper, and hard-boiled egg) and he ordered the saltena (chicken, peas, peppers, although don’t quote me on the exact ingredients because I didn’t pay much attention to his empanada).

A note about Julia’s is that there’s no seating so you just make your purchase and head out. We actually ate our empanadas on the way back to our car. Both were delicious. Another note is to be prepared to spend at least $4 per empanada although Julia’s does offer specials, for example, you can get a meat empanada, a fruit empanada and a drink for under $10. Also, the restaurant accepts only cash, but conveniently has an ATM located inside the store.

Overall, this was a good night out in DC. Julia’s Empanada rates a 3.5 out of 5 in my book (the taste is great but the restaurant’s presentation and lack of seating were not so great). The only other place where I’ve had better empanadas was South America. Delicious, freshly made empanadas and other pastries were sold in a cafe setting where you actually sit down and enjoy your empanada with rich Spanish coffee. That’s my benchmark for comparing all other empanadas.

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