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Murky coffee * Arlington, VA

Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting a cafe that I frequented while working in the Eastern Market area: Murky Coffee. (Actually, I’m sitting in the cafe right now typing Murky’s review on my blog!)

No longer in the same location, Murky has moved to Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA. The new location is pretty nice, definitely twice the size it was before, with a more urban, rundown sort of feel to it which actually fits Murky’s image better than the old place did. It feels almost like a different cafe.

But after sampling the coffee, I’d say it’s still the same Murky. The quality’s still there. Sometimes no change is good too! I had hoped to purchase a specific coffee bean from the cafe but they were carrying limited kinds of beans, such as the usual espresso toscano, santa ana el salvador, and others. All of which are pretty good, but I really loved this one bean they carry every now and then. Oh well, maybe next time.

On this particular Thursday evening, I’m just sitting back and observing what’s going on. The ambiance is laidback and casual, just the way a good cafe should be. People are here working on their laptops or talking with their roommates, friends or partners. Some arrived here on foot, others (like myself) drove here. I wonder if any of those in the latter category ventured here from DC in search of their old Eastern Market haunt. I wouldn’t be surprised.

So you guessed it: Murky rates pretty high in my book because their coffee is pretty “damn” good, there I said it (haha, a direct quote from Murky’s tagline). I’d give them a 4 of 5. When I worked in Eastern Market, there were several choices of cafes: Starbucks (or as my husband likes to call them, Charbucks), Java Cafe, a Belgian sandwich place that brewed European coffees, Bread and Chocolate, Marvelous Market that brewed Mayorga coffees and Dunkin Donuts (ick). At the top of my list of go to cafes is Murky.

Now, I’ve heard that there are alot of other good cafes out there, such as Greenberry’s. I’ve tested Greenberry’s coffee at the cafe out in the McLean, VA area and maybe I need to sample their other coffee drinks to get a better idea of how good their coffee is. I thought the coffee was good but not quite Murky good. The other thing was that Greenberry’s cafe feels alot like a Starbucks and I prefer the rundown feel of a neighborhood cafe.

If you know of any, please comment on my blog and let me know where I need to go. I would love to make it out to those other good cafes in the metro DC area!

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