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Birmingham eats

So I’m in Birmingham, AL for a business meeting and just happened upon a BBQ restaurant that’s “pretty darn good”: Jim n Nicks in the Five Points neighborhood. (Sorry, I had to use to use a popular phrase from vice-presidential candidate, Palin. I must have the election on the brain.)

At Jim n Nicks, I sampled the BBQ platter: chicken, beef brisket, baby back ribs and pork sausage links. This platter came with 2 trimmings (sides): mac and cheese and collard greens. And of course, you can’t have all of this without a sweet tea or lemonade so I killed two birds with one stone by ordering an Arnold Palmer. The bbq meats were all tender and oh so succulent. My favorite was probably the bbq chicken breast. The collard greens and mac and cheese were pretty good but I’ve had better and worse. My drink however was very unique and quite delicious although I don’t know if it was specifically the iced tea or the lemonade that was spectacular because it was mixed. In the future, I’d probably order one drink and then the other, just to sample them separately. If you’re ever in the Birmingham area, this is a must-eat-at restaurant! I’d rate this restaurant a 3.5 out of 5. Ambiance, service and food were all great.

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