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El Rancho * Springfield, VA

My husband and I just discovered El Rancho, a local Peruvian chicken restaurant off Backlick Rd in Springfield, VA (in the Grand Mart Plaza). The restaurant is fairly new, having been opened 6 months. It has a pleasant, friendly and clean ambiance. Unlike the other chicken places we’ve frequented, it doesn’t have a mom and pop feel (you know, the feeling that you’re sitting in a family’s dining room, which I like especially when the staff treat you like extended family). The decor, in my opinion, is pretty mainstream, reminding me of a Popeyes. The owners did add their own touch to the restaurant by putting up a number of Halloween decorations. I appreciated the personal touch.

Now as for the food, the chicken was really good, probably better than some of the other chicken restaurants in the immediate Springfield area (for instance, Coco Rico and Rivera’s). The chicken was really good like Edy’s in the Bailey’s Crossings area.  The rice and red beans were so-so; the rice was alittle dry. The fried plaintains were very good, crunchy and blackened on outside, just the way I prefer. Additionally, the sauces that come with the chicken were good too. This restaurant gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me.

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