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Upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday!

Yippee! My favorite holiday is fast approaching and this year, we’re hosting turkey day dinner.

Ever since we decided to have dinner at our house, I’ve been researching the best recipes for turkey because it needs to be just perfect! I decided to use the Cooks Illustrated roasted brined turkey recipe in addition to another recipe that calls for some extra brining ingredients. I went with Cooks Illustrated because their chefs tested all the different methods of preparing and roasting a turkey to seek out the most juicy, tender and delicious turkey so I’m pretty confidant that they got it right and are giving me the best method to roast my bird perfectly.

In preparation for the big day, I ordered my free range 18-20 pound turkey which I’ll pick up from Whole Foods on Tuesday. Then, I’ll brine my bird overnight and let it dry before roasting it in the oven on turkey day. I hope it comes out as wonderful as the recipe promises!

Other dishes on our turkey day menu are mashed baby yukon potatoes (made with the usual ingredients and riced instead of mashed), gravy (from my father-in-law’s recipe and usually made by my sister-in-law), sausage, artichoke and parmesan stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce. Family members will bring other dishes and wines to supplement. I can’t wait!

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