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McDonald’s, pregnancy cravings

Why do many pregnant women crave the unhealthiest items on the McDonald’s food menu? And why is it that McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and hashbrowns are so good? I was craving some french fries at 10:30a and thought that they may be serving fries that early in the morning so I went to the nearest McDonalds to grab some.

Unfortunately, I was half an hour too early since the McDonald’s I went to only served fries at lunchtime (starting at 11a). Because I was hungry and didn’t want to leave on an empty stomach, I ordered the egg mcmuffin (ham, egg and cheese) sandwich which really hit the spot: for some reason, the egg tasted as though it had been cooked fresh in the restaurant which is never the case for the dozens of previous egg sandwiches I’ve had at McDs in the past. The hashbrown was greasy and crunchy, as it usually is. Oh so good to the last bite.

Much later, I fulfilled my craving for french fries by eating a nice juicy cheddar burger and shoestrong fries from Mike’s American Bar and Grill. What a perfect ending to my day!

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