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Dinner experiment

October 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Inspired by PBS’ America’s Test Kitchen the other night, I tried to replicate the stirfried chickenĀ  with bok choy and crispy noodle cake (basically a chicken and veggie panfried noodle dish).

Just as a side note: my husband and I usually order a beef brisket panfried noodle dish from a really good local Chinese restaurant and it is absolutely our favorite dish at this restaurant. Yellow noodles are boiled and then panfried pancake-style in a skillet. The noodles become crunchy after minutes of frying on each side. The cook then prepares a stirfry with whatever meats and veggies you prefer (I personally like beef and chinese broccoli). The stirfry with its rich sauce is poured on top of the panfried noodle pancake. I just love this dish because it’s got a great mix of crunchy and soft noodles once the stirfry is added. One thing to note is that when you have leftovers of this dish, the noodles will not be crunchy when eaten later but it’s still good regardless.

So when I tried the recipe the other night, i used beef instead of chicken and broccolini and mushroom, instead of bok choy. I followed the recipe for the stirfry but left out broth which reduced the sauce dramatically. (I just didn’t have any on hand!) Overall, the dish was more dry than I prefer but it was a good first try. I’m definitely going to keep trying to perfect this dish. Until then, I’ll continue ordering and eating it at the restaurant.