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Chicago Eats

July 20, 2009 Leave a comment

This summer, I traveled to Chicago for work and managed to try some local restaurants during my free time. My favorite find was Pastoral Deli Restaurant (found about a block or two away from the Magnificient Mile) which served a number of delicious rustic sandwiches, including duck, pate, etc. Amazingly, this place also sells artisan cheeses, wines, and international foods. If you need to eat and go and weather permitting, you can eat in their outdoor seating area but be warned that spacing is tight and just forget-about-it if you’ve got a stroller. Also, you may not even get a seat during key busy times such as lunch and dinner. It’s also around these times, that you’ll get the most number of passers-by, which is a note for those who mind the smokers walking by and for those who want to know the best times to people watch.

Being a huge fan of Intelligentsia Coffee which is roasted in Chicago, I absolutely had to visit an Intelligentsia Cafe. I wanted to tour the office and roasting location but alas, I actually had to work on the one day they allowed tours (Mondays, in case you are interested yourself). The Cafe I found (located near the Millenium Plaza) served the best latte I had ever had, hands down. The flavor was so intense, more so than the one I get at any other cafe I’ve been to and definitely more so than the flavor I get at home making my own lattes. Taking a nice stroll and sitting at a bench in the Millenium Plaza, I savored my latte down to the last drop. Life is beautiful when you’ve got a delicious cup of caffe latte in your mug!


New coffee blend

December 24, 2008 Leave a comment

This Christmas, my husband and I decided not to go overboard on the presents especially since we have a baby coming on board. In light of that decision, I wanted to get him something extra special but not too expensive. I know the guy loves his coffee and he’s constantly buying and running out of beans from the usual places (Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Starbucks, etc) so last week, I decided to get him a brand new blend of espresso coffee beans that we can’t find at any of the local shops in the metro DC area. I went to and searched for some reviews on best espresso blends and went with Intelligentsia’s  Black Cat espresso blend, both the regular and decaf versions. Intelligentsia is based in Chicago, IL and their beans are sold across the country in various cafes but not in the metro DC area although I could be wrong. I vaguely remember that a cafe I went to in Providence, RI sold and brewed Intelligentsia but I didn’t think anything of it until now.

Anyway, my packages of coffee beans arrived today on Christmas Eve and I just finished giftwrapping the package! I can’t wait to try some of it tomorrow morning! Oh yah, and I can’t wait for my husband to open his present and try his new coffee blends too! 🙂 Yay for Christmas!