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Carrie’s Latest Developments

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Our little Carrie just turned 10 months old. She’s reached a number of milestones during her full 9 months of life:

  • She can drink milk and water from a straw in a cup.
  • She can stand on her own without moving for minutes! And she can even take 2-3 steps without falling.
  • Not only does Carrie climb up the stairs all the time, she now knows how to climb down the stairs too.
  • At 2 months, she visited Miami. At 4 months, she used her brand new passport to travel to the Bahamas. Soon afterwards, she met my family in Rhode Island. During the summer, she went to the Outer Banks in NC with her father’s family and in the middle of July, she spent a week in Chi-town, sightseeing and exploring great eats with the both of us, her parents. And just recently, for her 10 month birthday, she’s celebrating the good life in the Virgin Islands. A great exotic getaway for the fall, I’d say.
  • Last month, she moved from the state in which she was born. It makes me wonder how many more places she’ll move to and explore before she settles down.

I just can’t believe how quickly she’s growing.