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Doctor’s appointment and gestational diabetes test

November 1, 2008 Leave a comment

When it came time for my doctor’s appointment during my 28th week, I was tested for gestational diabetes. Basically, I had to eat one and a half Milky Way bars an hour before my appointment and the lab tech would draw my blood to see if I have gestational diabetes. At first I was so excited about getting a free pass on the Milky Way bars. Unfortunately by the end of half a bar, I felt sick, like I was going to seriously pass out or gag. I haven’t had this much sugar in the longest time. Mind you, I don’t even take any sugar in my tea or coffee!

At any rate, when I got to my doctor’s office, the nurses rushed me into the lab tech’s office to make sure blood was drawn exactly one hour after I finished the bars. From there on, it was the usual wait for the doctor to finish with her other patients before she got to me. Everything else was fine.

The gestational diabetes test results are in tomorrow but I think I’m gonna pass my test with flying colors.


Ultrasound appointment

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Taken from my blog entry on typepad:

At first, we were having a hard time viewing the baby because she was in a breech position. Because of this, the technician couldn’t see her heart. The tech told us to grab some food and drink more water then come back because the baby may have moved into a new position by then. That didn’t happen but the tech was able to see her heart by poking extra hard on my stomach.

Everything looked great, according to the tech. The brain, heart, organs and limbs all looked normal. The baby is 10 ounces right now and developing as scheduled.

Doctor’s appointment

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Taken from my blog entry on typepad:

At 20 weeks, this week is my half-way pregnancy mark. I had my doctor’s appointment today. Everything looked good: baby’s heartrate is 145, my blook pressure is 100 over 60 and I gained 7 pounds since my last visit. 5 pounds of this can be blamed on my visit to Maine where I had buttery lobster everyday for the whole week! Right now, I’m getting ready to head out to my ultrasound appointment with Chris.