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McDonald’s, pregnancy cravings

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Why do many pregnant women crave the unhealthiest items on the McDonald’s food menu? And why is it that McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and hashbrowns are so good? I was craving some french fries at 10:30a and thought that they may be serving fries that early in the morning so I went to the nearest McDonalds to grab some.

Unfortunately, I was half an hour too early since the McDonald’s I went to only served fries at lunchtime (starting at 11a). Because I was hungry and didn’t want to leave on an empty stomach, I ordered the egg mcmuffin (ham, egg and cheese) sandwich which really hit the spot: for some reason, the egg tasted as though it had been cooked fresh in the restaurant which is never the case for the dozens of previous egg sandwiches I’ve had at McDs in the past. The hashbrown was greasy and crunchy, as it usually is. Oh so good to the last bite.

Much later, I fulfilled my craving for french fries by eating a nice juicy cheddar burger and shoestrong fries from Mike’s American Bar and Grill. What a perfect ending to my day!


New doctor and new hospital

November 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Last week, I toured the hospital where my current obgyn is affiliated and was not impressed. So today, I met with another obgyn practice that is affiliated with the hospital I do prefer. Although I’m a couple days from my eighth month (whoohoo), it was relatively easy to switch because the pregnancy’s uncomplicated and I don’t anticipate any problems at all with the delivery.

On a side note, my husband’s cousin and wife delivered their 7 pound 2 ounce baby girl last night in San Diego, CA. I’m so excited for them.

Doctor’s appointment and gestational diabetes test

November 1, 2008 Leave a comment

When it came time for my doctor’s appointment during my 28th week, I was tested for gestational diabetes. Basically, I had to eat one and a half Milky Way bars an hour before my appointment and the lab tech would draw my blood to see if I have gestational diabetes. At first I was so excited about getting a free pass on the Milky Way bars. Unfortunately by the end of half a bar, I felt sick, like I was going to seriously pass out or gag. I haven’t had this much sugar in the longest time. Mind you, I don’t even take any sugar in my tea or coffee!

At any rate, when I got to my doctor’s office, the nurses rushed me into the lab tech’s office to make sure blood was drawn exactly one hour after I finished the bars. From there on, it was the usual wait for the doctor to finish with her other patients before she got to me. Everything else was fine.

The gestational diabetes test results are in tomorrow but I think I’m gonna pass my test with flying colors.

Pregnancy pictures

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Alot of my posts have been about food. Maybe it’s because my belly is such a big focus in my life right now.

Since some folks have asked for photos, here are a few, captured weeks ago by my husband.

Currently, I’m 28 weeks along in the pregnancy. The due date is January 18th but I’m secretly hoping for a New Year’s Eve baby (I’ll be considered full term by then). My husband and I are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise. We want to hear the doctor say: “It’s a…” boy/girl, just like in the olden days.

Because we’re getting so much feedback from family, friends and strangers, we’re seriously thinking about starting a competitive pool for the baby’s gender and date of birth. Even the homeless person who hangs out by my office had an opinion: he thinks the baby will be a boy.