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Tommy Thai * Springfield, VA

November 22, 2008 Leave a comment


Tonight, my husband and I tried out Tommy Thai Restaurant for the second time since it had its soft opening two weeks ago.

From the menu, we ordered the sticky rice, white rice, papaya salad and fried flounder with a Thai basil sauce. Unlike most other Thai restaurants, Tommy Thai serves their sticky rice black, an interesting twist to the usual white glutinous rice that’s served with the customary sticky rice and mango dessert. The papaya salad is not the authentic, homemade fishy one that I’m used to. This one was light, spicy and sweet. Very good and more suited to a Thai fusion-style restaurant like this one. The fried flounder was more than enough for two people; we ate the whole thing, barely leaving behind the head and bones. The flounder can be ordered filet style for those who prefer not to see the whole fish, head and all.

For dessert, we enjoyed the custard which is similar to leche flan but has a thicker consistency; it was pure deliciousness! There was a taste of coconut milk and a hint of taro in the filling. This dessert would have been perfection if it had the creme brulee style topping. But for sure, the custard dessert will make a repeat customer of me!



Some quick restaurant reviews * Springfield/Alexandria

November 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Tommy, a good friend of ours, opened up a Thai restaurant, Tommy Thai (, in Springfield, VA about a week ago. The decor is typical, contemporary Asian, with alot of black, reds and even a green tea color on the walls. Very clean and sleek.

When we went to the soft opening of the restaurant, my husband and I ordered the pad see ew and crying tiger as our entrees, both of which were pretty good. I think we’re going back soon to try the other items on the menu. I’m eyeing the chef’s special of fried fish and the pad kee mao noodle dish, but who knows what we’ll be in the mood for? I’ll try to write a more detailed review after I go back for seconds.

Speaking of moods, the other night, my husband and I were in the mood for seafood so we headed out to a new (to us) restaurant in the Kingstowne, Alexandria area: Bonefish Grill ( According to the host, the seafood is brought in fresh on a daily basis. I actually went to the website before posting this entry and it looks like the Grill is affiliated with Ocean Trust and seeks to be responsible fishbuyers. That’s a plus in my book.

Another plus is the good service at this restaurant. When we ate there on Thursday night, the Bonefish Grill was slightly busy with two big birthday parties/groups. I was surprised that the service didn’t suffer despite the large groups and our waitress was quite pleasant and interesting. Also, the person who seated us gave us a nice introduction to the restaurant when we told him it was our first time there and then he made several recommendations on the menu to help us get started. After debating over what to get, I ordered the filet and crabcake dinner which came with succatash and a side of string beans. My hubby ordered the grilled grouper with a mango chutney sauce, succatash and potato au gratin. My crab cake was mostly lump and the remoulade was one of the tastiest I’ve had in the metro DC area. The filet was not as tender as I’d like but what did I expect at a seafood restaurant, right? Also, the filet tasted a little gamey to me. My husband says it’s because it’s lightly seasoned so you can really taste the meat. That sort of explains it…. The succatash was quite hearty; it was a mix of corn and soy beans. The soy beans added a nice consistency to the corn. To stay on the healthy side, I had the string beans in addition to the other veggies. The string beans were just okay.

A couple of things to note is that there are some specials on food and drinks, probably depending on the time of the day and that drinks that evening were $5/cocktail. I wish I could have tried some. There was also a delicious sounding entree of fish and chips that seemed to be pretty popular and came in at about $10.

All in all, I really wanted to find another restaurant in the Springfield/Alexandria area like Mike’s American Grill. I wish I could say that Bonefish was close but I’m reserving my judgment. Maybe after sampling more of the menu, I’ll find a specialty dish that I’ll just have to keep coming back to.

El Rancho * Springfield, VA

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment

My husband and I just discovered El Rancho, a local Peruvian chicken restaurant off Backlick Rd in Springfield, VA (in the Grand Mart Plaza). The restaurant is fairly new, having been opened 6 months. It has a pleasant, friendly and clean ambiance. Unlike the other chicken places we’ve frequented, it doesn’t have a mom and pop feel (you know, the feeling that you’re sitting in a family’s dining room, which I like especially when the staff treat you like extended family). The decor, in my opinion, is pretty mainstream, reminding me of a Popeyes. The owners did add their own touch to the restaurant by putting up a number of Halloween decorations. I appreciated the personal touch.

Now as for the food, the chicken was really good, probably better than some of the other chicken restaurants in the immediate Springfield area (for instance, Coco Rico and Rivera’s). The chicken was really good like Edy’s in the Bailey’s Crossings area.  The rice and red beans were so-so; the rice was alittle dry. The fried plaintains were very good, crunchy and blackened on outside, just the way I prefer. Additionally, the sauces that come with the chicken were good too. This restaurant gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me.